The Diary of Sarah Ann Ellis Leech 1852-3

About this diary:
This is the diary of Sarah Ann Ellis Leech, written between the age of 16 and 17. This is a diary which reveals key insights into the ordinary domestic lives of a middle class family. The references to 'nothing particular occurred today' are in themselves important documentation of the past. Not every day in the historical past was filled with conflict, business or amazement, but those in the past passed their lives very much in the same way we do. Reading all of the diaries on this site reveals an intriguing insight into the normality of these people living over 100 years ago. This diary also depicts the working lives of her father and Bosdin, as well as the domestic and social life of Sarah herself. This diary has been transcribed and edited by Robert Woodward and is 50 pages long.

How to use the diary books:
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