The Diary of Sarah Ann Ellis Leech 1844

About this diary:
This is the diary of Sarah Ann Ellis Leech, written between the ages of 11 and 14. The most notable element when first looking at the manuscript is the neatness of her hand, written perfectly at such a young age (see image 1). Sarah Ann was the eldest of 6 children, and this diary depicts her domestic duties around the house. This is certainly the diary of a child; however evidence suggests that Thomas Leech, Sarah's father, marked her diaries as an educational tool. This removes one of the most important elements of the diary genre - the privacy and intimacy of a diary. This diary certainly depicts the comfortable lifestyle of the family, and a different, kinder side to Thomas Leech who is often not depicted as such. For example: Thursday 22nd February 'My father played at snowball with Bosdin'. This diary has been transcribed and edited by Elizabeth Collins and is 110 pages long.

How to use the diary books:
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